Wednesday, June 2, 2010


This mostly abandoned settlement on the Dividing Range beyond Marysville, was burn through by the 2009 fires. Once a thriving sawmill settlement, it is now reduced to a single occupied house, Parks Victoria works compound, a picnic area and a variety of relics lost in the bush. Clearing up has resulted in a periphery of dumps, some with building material, twisted roofing iron and the like, other discrete collection of equipment - parts of a gold stamping battery - most of Jacques jaw crusher, elevator and screens from an old CRB rock crushing plant, various bottle dumps and the like. The diesel engine is all the stands out from the post WWII sawmill. There are widely scattered are fragments of crockery and glass, and a surprising number of artefacts from children - a plastic tea cup handle, lead farm animal, a dolls leg and Guides pin. The 'cleaning up' has made the site look tidy, but makes the archaeology a disappointment.

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